Cod'INSA Programming Contest

Used technologies :

C, C++, Java, Redmine

Project URL :[FR]

Project introduction :

Cod'INSA is a non-profit organization ("1901 French law association") which is aimed to organize, once a year, an inter-INSA programming contest.
Cod'INSA was originally founded by a group of students at INSA Engineering University of Lyon 5 years ago in the idea of making the INSA geeks/developers meet at a single event and giving a dynamic view of the computer science at INSA.
The contest is organized in two steps :
The first, qualifications, take part in each of the INSA Universities during two afternoons. Contestants have four hours to solved problem of various levels about algorithm.
At the end of the qualifications, the fives best-scored contestants are qualified for the final.
The final then takes place in only one of the five INSA Universities where all the contestants meet, constituting teams, by university.
They then have to develop an artificial intelligence in 24 hours that will fight the other teams' one in, usually, a video game (where the players will be the artificial intelligences developed by the teams).

What is my role in this project ?

I am the local manager at Lyon of the organization, so I am in charge of its entire functioning on a local basis.

I am in charge of : Administrative management, teams management, communication management, a bit of web development, and I am also managing the team that is developing the final's subject for this year. (RTS Game)

Skills I acquired and I experienced with this project