Used technologies :

PHP, CSS, XHTML, JavaScript (AJAX), Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu, Apache2 MPM and Worker, Nginx, MariaDB, FTP, PostFix, Bind9, Failed2Ban, Vlogger (and many others).

Project URL :

see the project on Gitorious

Project introduction :

ISPConfig-Lite is a derivated version (could be called a "fork" but there is nothing official about that) of the ISPConfig-Lite webserver administration panel.
ISPConfig-Lite brings ability to use new web server technologies like Nginx and PHP through FastCgi Process Manager even in a shared environment (which is the main issue of the use of PHP-FPM and Nginx for the moment).
The idea is to make the administrator able to host a website through Apache2 or Nginx with the same options and in a transparent way.
Even if the ISPConfig basis is really cleanly coded, bringing these new features touches nearly the core of the server management system and requires a consequent amount of work.
The project is currently in a debugging phase, any help to improve it is appreciated. I think the project should reach a first release in August or Septembre.

What is my role in this project ?

There was a former project which was aimed to provide only Nginx instead of Apache2 (which is... way easier).
I am at the origin of the current orientation of the project and of most of the written code (I think between 80% and 95% of the original code has been rewritten).
A second developer used to work with me but finally focused on trying to follow the upstream SVN of ISPConfig in order to be able to make a proposal of integration of our new feature in the official one. I am currently the only one working on the project.

Skills I acquired and I experienced with this project