Microsoft OISG

Used technologies:

C#, Silverlight, T-SQL, SQL Server

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Project introduction:

Microsoft is one of the first software maker company in the world. The Office division is its flagship business, generating billions of revenue each year.
Among Office revenue, more than 60% is generated by the different localized versions of Office worldwide.
OISG, for Office International Software Group, is in charge of the localization process.
I was more specifically working in the Automation And Tools team inside the OISG Test division.
My team was in charge of developping tools for automating the Office products tests on localized versions.

What was my role in this project?

I was in charge of improving an existing system and adding a number of new data sources to the existing process.

I was in charge of all the steps of the development: From user needs analysis to design and imlementation.
Here is an overview of what I did during my 3 months at Microsoft:

The main challenges I faced at Microsoft was to understand the whole process of localization of Office and its related issues.
I had to be really adaptive during my work at Microsoft to be able to deal with existing codebase, projects changes, new technologies, etc. ... and still be productive.

Skills I acquired or used with this project