Used technologies :

PHP, CSS, XHTML, JavaScript (AJAX), Ruby on Rails, Wordpress, Twitter API, Debian, Apache2, Nginx, MariaDB, FTP, PostFix, Bind9, Failed2Ban (and many others).

Project URL :[FR]

Project introduction :

NetTogether is a non-profit organization ("1901 French law association") which is aimed to manage and animate several web mutual aid communities.
NetTogether was originally founded on a base of 3 communities :, and, but finally left the project.
NetTogether, besides editing these communities and keeping them "alive", is aimed to give to these web communities new ways to interact with the people then concern, for instance, by organizing in-real-life events and workshops.
One of the first planned projects about in-real-life events is the organization of regular free of charge computer science workshops to allow any people (including ones who do not have the money to participate in a computer science course) to learn how to use a computer and Internet.

What is my role in this project ?

I am the president of the organization, so I am in charge of its entire functioning.

I am in charge of : Administrative management, teams management, communication management, web development management, server maintenance, implementing new features and activities in the different websites of the association.

I am currently working on finalizing the website design under Internet Explorer (where there is a couple of bugs in the display) and developing and member area in Ruby on Rails which would allow organizationt members to get access to the different services the association provides : web hosting, blogs, prenium support...

I am also currently working on a new implementation of the ISPConfig server management panel to make it usable with new technologies like Nginx, PHP-FPM, but still being usable with Apache2. [see more about ISPC-Lite project].

Skills I acquired and I experienced with this project