Small Iz Beautiful

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Project introduction:

SmallIzBeautiful is a recruitment agency based in Paris who is specialised in small and medium companies.
The website of the agency is their primary tool and is coupled with and intranet website.
All the work of the agency is done through these two tools so they are critical for the business of the company.

What was my role in this project?

I was in charge of improving the existing system and adding a number of new important features to the website and to the intranet.

I was in charge of all the steps of the development: From user needs analysis to design and imlementation.
My work was critical in the way that any issue with my work could lead to all the people in the company not being able to work properly.
Here is an overview of what I did during my 3 months contract with them:

I was working very close to the users and was able to get direct feedback from them. I set up a Redmine tool to be able to work remotely without problems, we were close to AGILE work methods in the end.

Skills I acquired or used with this project