Used technologies :

PHP, CSS, XHTML, JavaScript (AJAX), Wordpress, Twitter API

Project URL :

Project introduction :

TrollFactory is a personal blog. It deals with mostly Internet and new-technologies.
The blog has no special focus, it deals with "Geekness and thoughts". So I put on it every thing I want to share with the world.
For technical articles, I try to put online only very useful information, that one can't find on the Internet easily (for instance how to find the setting to do that in that software.., how to update your i9000 when the *** Samsung software says "can't update" because you are not using the official version...).

What is my role in this project ?

Here I am obviously just the writer, the "blogger", I add content, in both English and French.
I made the design (with the use of an existing basis) and some Wordpress customizations (through plugins of course, but also by dealing with the WordPress code (which is, in my humble opinion, as clean as the inversed proportion of the famous reputation of WordPress)).

Skills I acquired and I experienced with this project