Used technologies :

PHP, CSS, XHTML, JavaScript (AJAX)

Project URL :


Project introduction :

Unihorse is a horse riders and fans community (few web communities exist in this domain in France).
Unihorse is a project I developed and still support but where I have fewer involvement. I am the webmaster and unique web developer of the website.
Unihorse currently suffers from a lack of active staff, staff members have been leaving because of personal obligations and there is nearly no one to take care of it now.
Unihorse is a complete hand-made website. This means there is not any single line of CMS code behind it (except the forums part). It has currently many different areas and some of them have been taken from PCInfo-Web but many things have been rewritten.
For the frontend there around 8-10 areas, including news, rss, forums, centralized management of pages, etc. .
But this is nothing compared to the backend, which is on the same model as PCInfo-Web's one : A complete centralized caching system (reducing by beteween 50 and 70% the SQL queries) managing all sections. Three different administrations areas, with the last one including some advanced editing tools for news/articles writers (auto-save, multi-paging, drafts system, WYSIWYG, etc., everything in AJAX) that was developed before becoming a standard in web CMS.

What is my role in this project ?

I am one of the two founders of the project and its current single developer.
I designed and developed the whole website, from mock-up to final release (including some parts of the graphical structure), the integration with MyBB (and the integration of the database from Xooit when we negociated with the platform to get back our data), the links between every part of the website, the integration of MyBB as a part of our news system (comments are posts in the forums). I made a large amount of work turning MyBB into a latin9-only compatible engine (as MyBB was meant to deal with UTF-8) as the rest the website. I tuned Apache2 and then Nginx to be best used by the website.
I am currently web developer of the website so I bring support for bugs, new feature requests.
I am also in charge of advising the current manager! of the web site with my experience in managing web communities.

Skills I acquired and I experienced with this project