Web Developer

I did not say "Internet", I said: "Web" Connectivity has changed our lives. The Internet has brought to human beings a new way to interact, think, produce...

But what would be the digital revolution without the World Wide Web?

I consider the web as the real revolution of the digital era and the best thing the Internet brought to us.
Sharing knowledge freely, interacting through a unified experience (web browsing), building open standards... the web is the central place that gathers technology and people and make knowledge freely available.

The web is the thing which certainly decided me to begin computer science. When I saw projects like Wikipedia were possible, I decided I had to be part of what was going on there.

Since I started web development I have mainly been working with PHP, building websites of my own, from A to Z. I also tried a couple of related technologies through different works: Ruby on Rails, Python, Perl, Java...
I am now mainly working with Javascript, PHP, XHTML and CSS 2.x. I have built a couple of websites that you can see in the related works below.