My story about technologies

My Story: How I decided what I would do in my life

Internet, what for?

I fell into computer science at the early age of 8, fascinated by Microsoft Office®™, my 3.5" floppy disk reader which was making a so ugly noise when I was trying to put games on it... And the Windows 95 which was displaying this weird message everyday: "You are now allowed to switch your computer off" (Hum, do I really need your authorization for that?).

But the revelation was the very day I discovered what Internet and moreover the Web was really: An open space where people can freely share with the entire world. Where projects like Wikipedia are possible.

I think this very day was by the way when I first entered the Wikipedia web site. I was used to Encarta, the famous digital encyclopedia, but there was not what I was looking for in any of the numerous CD-ROMS of Encarta.

My admiration for the power of the World Wide Web consistently grew when I began using Internet forums to help people with computers. I realized the amount of help we (me and the other helpers) were providing them for free, from my computer at dozens of kilometers from the first city, at the very end of my dirt road.

Internet, now even more

Internet has now become even more than it has never been. And I am now using it nearly each minute of my life. I've decided to take part in its development. I've acquired skills, I've started projects, I am now proud to say I am some of the many web developers on the Earth and I'm planning to deploy and to expand my main project NetTogether at the end of my studies.

Internet, is that all?

Of course Internet is not the only vector of society changes, the whole world of sciences is making the world evolve everyday. But I have decided to devote myself to computer science as the most fast-growing science nowadays (yes, still faster than even nano-technologies). And, by deciding to work in the computer science area, there is no way escaping from the use of networks, even if it is not THE network, Internet.